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Residence Visa Applications


1st of AUGUST 2019


All applications for residence are charged on a time spent basis, except where we have indicated below.  For these types of applications below we try to keep our costs within these estimates. 

Keil & Associates will require a deposit of $1,600.00 before commencing any work on a residence application on behalf of a client.  You will also need to pay the residence application fee in addition to the deposit.

An account will be rendered after lodging an application for residence. This account is sent in respect of preparation and lodging of the application.

  • For single applicants the account will be $1800.00 plus GST and disbursements.
  • For married applicants with no children the account will be $2000.00 plus GST and disbursements.
  • For married applicants with children $2000.00 & $250.00 per child plus GST and disbursements.

Any further work thereafter is done on a time spent basis, and you will be sent interim invoices on an hourly rate for any further work done.

Our costs to finalise a Residence Application is usually between $4,000.00 - $6,500.00  (excluding GST) depending on the work required to be done.

The total cost of completing your application for residence is dependent upon the difficulties that arise while the application is being processed, and what further work is required to be done.


Our fee for lodging an expression of interest is $1500.00  including GST.  This is to be paid just prior to the expression of interest being lodged.  The INZ fee must be paid in addition to this.

If there is a need to do submissions to Immigration once the EOI is lodged (but before being invited to lodge permanent residence) then this is chargeable on a time spent basis.


For business applications under the Investment category or Long Term Business permits Keil & Associates require a deposit of $2,800.00 .  In addition to this the New Zealand Immigration Service application fee must be paid.

An account will be rendered after lodging the application for $3,000.00 plus GST and disbursements.  Any further work done thereafter will be charged on a time spent basis and further invoices will be sent out for any further work done.


A deposit of $2,000.00 is required for our services, in addition to the Appeal fee required by the Immigration & Protection Tribunal.

When the appeal is lodged an account will be rendered for $2,200.00 to $2,500.00 plus GST and disbursements.  This account is in respect of preparation and lodging the appeal.

Any further work is thereafter done on a time spent basis, and you will receive interim invoices for any further work done.


The first stage which involves submissions at branch level to support the case presented to the Minister a deposit of $3,000.00 is required and estimated costs are between $3,500.00 to $4,000.00 plus GST and Disbursements depending on time spent and work done. The second stage of the appeal involving a hearing infront of the IPT will be priced according to time spent and work done


A deposit of $1800.00  is required, plus any NZIS fees.

The cost of our fees for preparation and drafting of the submissions in support of a special direction or section 61 application will depend on the amount of work done and time spent, but on average will cost between $2,500.00 to $3,000.00 plus GST and disbursements.  This initial account is only in respect of lodging the application, and any further work done after this will be charged on a time basis.


If we are required to provide submissions to Immigration New Zealand in regard to possible prejudicial information then the amount charged will depend on the nature and number of issues raised.

The cost of our fee for preparation and drafting submissions in response to PPI raised by Immigration New Zealand is on "average"  between $2,000.00 to $2,500.00 plus GST and disbursements depending on our time spent.  A deposit of $2,000.00 is required for PPI Submissions prior to work being done.

Please note that if you are based overseas at the time you instruct us to represent you then we may ask for our deposit to be higher to cover the extra attendances and the associated risk of non-recovery.