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We guarantee a quality service.  As a part of our thank you for instructing us to represent you in your purchase or sale, a free simple Will can be prepared for persons buying/selling, provided we receive instructions within six months of the completion of your transaction.

All prices are estimates only and based on a standard transaction. Obviously, if there are difficulties that arise which require further attendances and work to be done that is over and above a standard transaction then we will have to provide a costing for that work over and above our standard estimates below. Examples of such difficulties are, problems with builders reports which require dealing with the other parties lawyer in order to have issues attended to before settlement, or issues that arise at the last minute on settlement day which needs prompt attention and negotiation to ensure that settlement proceeds as planned.

Sometimes we are requested to review and investigate property information prior to an offer of Purchase being made, or to review an agreement to sell prior to it being signed. Sometimes these transactions do not proceed.

In circumstances where such transactions do not proceed our costs will be according to the nature of the investigations and time spent on the matter. If your transaction does proceed, then the costs of these investigations are included as a part of our normal fees below and there are no extra costs for this type of work unless the work done falls within one of the categories below.

With a conveyancing transaction we need to complete registration immediately upon settlement and this involves payment of Govt land office (LINZ) fees, and because of this conveyancing fees are payable in full on or before the date of settlement so that there is no impediment to registration.

Our fees below are exclusive of GST and Disbursements.

Please note that with a purchase transaction with a mortgage there are two large disbursements of Govt Land office office fees (LINZ office) of $90 for registration of a transfer of ownership and $90 for registration of your mortgage. Other disbursements connected with a purchase are smallish in comparison. With a sale there is one LINZ fee of $90 for registering a discharge of mortgage, and with a refinancing there is an $90 linz fee for discharge of a mortgage and $90 for registration of the new mortgage. As with a purchase, the balance of disbursements with a sale or refinance are small in comparison, and relate to photocopies, faxes, scans couriers etc. You are welcome to speak to us if you would like further information regarding the typical conveyancing disbursements.

Residential Purchase

No Mortgage $800.00
One Mortgage  $850.00


No Mortgage $700.00
One Mortgage $750.00


Discharge of One Mortgage & Registration of One New Mortgage  $700.00




PlEASE NOTE the following additional fees apply in select circumstances and are to be added to the above fee structure.

Where a property is being purchased off the plans and/or a preliminary due diligence investigation is required then the costs of such due diligence investigation will be additional to the above fees and will depend on work done and time spent but is generally between $350.00 to $550.00 plus Gst and disbursements. In an off the plan purchase the costs of the due diligence will be invoiced upon completion.

If Kiwisaver issues are involved in a transaction then due to a need to complete extra documentation we normally charge of a fee of $350.00 plus GST and disbursements per each Kiwisaver involved in the transaction.

If an existing Company or Trust is involved and we are required to do Company or Trust Minutes and/or related documents at the time of the transaction, then we generally charge between $350.00 to $400.00 plus GST depending on the nature of the work involved and how many documents are required to be prepared.

If a Body Corporate is involved in the transaction then and this will require extra attendances relating obtaining information from the Body Corporate then we will generally charge $350.00 plus GST and disbursements.