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We can assist with all types of Family Law problems.

During a Relationship or upon the end of a relationship, we can help you by drafting a Relationship Property & Care Agreement that sets out what is to happen to your property & with the Care of the Children in the event that you separate, or how the relationship property is to be divided between you & what the Children’s’ Care arrangements are to be, now that you have already separated.

The Law has strict requirements regarding what is required to bind parties to a Relationship Property Agreement and it is important to ensure that these requirements are met. We can also advise you regarding what property should be regarded as separate property and therefore not to be divided between yourself and your partner.

It is important to remember that time and money spent at the beginning of a relationship to have a binding agreement drawn up, will often save you a lot more money, time  and stress later on, in the event that the relationship comes to an end.

We have assisted clients in many Family Court Proceedings including those involving Property Manager and Personal Welfare Guardian Orders, Parenting Orders (previously Custody & Access Orders), Orders preventing Removal of Children from the Jurisdiction, Hague Convention matters, Adoption Orders, Orders for Paternity, Child Support and Spousal Maintenance, Domestic Violence Orders, contested applications for Dissolution of Marriage and also Relationship Property Orders.

We have been also been involved in Family Court proceedings in overseas Jurisdictions such as Australia, India, The Republic of Fiji & The Cook Islands, where parties have either had Relationship Property in those Jurisdictions, children have been taken overseas to those Countries, or issues relating to Adoption Orders involving those Countries, and Child Support issues particularly where New Zealanders have moved to Australia and have unresolved child support issues in New Zealand which need to be dealt with.

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